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David Angelo Roman was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1970; his entire life constantly revolving around art and adventure. During his early childhood Roman lived in Madrid, Spain and Guadalajara, Mexico; during this time period, at the age of four, his family discovered he had an incredible drawing ability; this was the beginning of his artistic development.

His family would later relocate back to the United States, settling in San Antonio, Texas. While in San Antonio, a young and enthusiastic Roman would go on to win many numerous city and state art awards. Although young Roman enjoyed a fun and interesting life in San Antonio, he would still miss Europe. Feeling a need to further understand himself and his ancestral roots, he would frequently visit his grandfather in Madrid, Spain during the summers. His grandfather, being his biggest fan, always encouraged him to further develop his artistic talents by practicing his techniques and frequently visiting the spectacular Prado Museum, where he meticulously studied the works of the great masters.

By the time he reached high school, Roman was not only an exceptional artist, but also a superb athlete and scholar. Later, upon graduating high school, Roman received numerous art scholarships, athletic scholarships and scholastic scholarships; all of which he turned down for the chance to further travel and explore the world... leading him to the U.S. Air Force. While in the Air Force, he was stationed in Aviano, Italy. There he had the opportunity to extensively travel throughout all of Europe; sketching and painting the countryside's historic and beautiful landmarks.

David Roman

Carefully studying the ancient architecture, the many different cultures, and the works of the European masters, have greatly influenced Roman's development and can be seen in his technique of dramatically merging colors with light and shadows.

Fluent in Spanish, Italian, and English, Roman opened the doors to many different worlds, visiting many legendary and breathtaking regions throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico and the United States. Roman now lives in Schertz, Texas and has returned to his childhood passion... comic book art! Always being a fan of comics, it was only a matter of time before he applied his skills towards comic art. Today, Roman is a professional artist specializing in comic art and can be found at select Texas comic cons selling his orginal art and taking commissions from fans.

"Throughout the ages, art has played an important aspect in the spiritual and intellectual growth of people throughout the world, defining who we are and where we come from; helping us towards the understanding of other cultures and assisting us in further exploring our own."

- David Angelo Roman, Artist